I had the opportunity to direct these fun commercials for a foundation that promotes energy-saving in Twente. They started by sending out green letters to everyone in Enschede which gave them the possibility to order free energy-saving products.
The videos were designed to make a fuss in the run-up towards these green letters. 
Creative concept: Sander Veldhuizen
Director: Hermen Gerrits
Director of photography: Sander Veldhuizen
Camera assistent: Max van der Pijl
Stylist: Hilda Nanlohij
Editor: Sander Veldhuizen, Hermen Gerrits, Max van der Pijl
Color grading: Hermen Gerrits
2D animation: Sander Veldhuizen

Client: Energieloket Enschede
Agency: Wirelab Digital Agency
Shot on: Sony FX9
Behind the scenes_
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