Liftsens creates smart lighting solutions. The company offers sustainable, innovative and high-quality products which are exceptionally useful for warehouses, repositories and distribution centers. Liftsens produces Highbay LED armatures that are sustainable and enduring. To prevent forklift drivers from being blinded by strong lights, the Liftsens-sensor dims light when it detects upward motions. This all-in-one solution provides a safe working space at all times.

We at Wirelab decided to provide Liftsens with our very own all-in-one solution. As their creative partner, we have supplied them with all assets needed to enter the market in a uniform and appealing way. Together, we have started by shaping their strategy. Once that was in place, our creative team took to building branding elements that seamlessly fit the brand’s characteristics. Liftsens wanted to portray an image of technical expertise, but not in a dull way. As their products are nothing short of innovative, their visual story had to be told in a refreshing and interesting manner.

Branding  •  UX / UI  •  Motion Graphics  •  Marketing​​​​​​​

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