Verstegen & Fairfood_

Verstegen and Fairfood are frontrunners, they are taking the first steps towards fully sustainable herbs and spices; through data. In this documentary style video series we give insights in the journey where Verstegen and Fairfood work towards a fair price for the farmer. By working with premiums - for quality, but also for supplying data, they improve the position of the farmer, the trading relationship and the quality of the products.

Together with a small local crew we shot all footage and interviews in two days across different cities and islands near Manado, Indonesia.
Director: Sander Veldhuizen
1st AD: Luhki Herwanayogi
Cameraman: Maman dari Sleman
Photographer: Hndht
Producer: Koen Vlemmix & Iqbal Mohammad Hamdan
Offline edit: Vera de Bruijn
Grading: Chris Kolkman
Client: Verstegen & Fairfood
Production company: Catchlight Pictures & Lukkien
Behind the scenes_
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