Directed work for Wavin. Wavin provides effective solutions for safe distribution of drinking water, gas and sustainable management of rainwater.
The goal was to be visible to decision-makers of potential future partners of Wavin in a funny and positive way. With the possibility to deploy worldwide. These videos were part of a larger campaign that unfolded around valentines-day, focused on one of their potential partners called; FACQ.

This campaign consisted of the following parts:

- Multiple awareness videos ↑
- Box of belgium chocolates send to the decision-makers
- OOH signing in front of the FACQ headquarters
- Waffle stand outside the FACQ office
- Personalized video for the decision-makers ↓
Creative concept: Sander Veldhuizen
Director: Hermen Gerrits
Director of photography: Sander Veldhuizen
Producer: Roxanna Patawala
Stylist: Lotte Wierenga
MUAH: Michelle Voogd
Editor: Sander Veldhuizen
Color grading: Sander Veldhuizen
Motion Graphic: Sander Veldhuizen
Editable personalization: Sander Veldhuizen

Client: Wavin
Agency: Wirelab Digital Agency
Shot on: Sony FX9
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